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Joe Rogan’s podcast comments about shooting homeless people stuns L.A.’s unhoused advocates



Joe Rogan's podcast comments about shooting homeless people stuns L.A.'s unhoused advocates
Joe Rogan’s podcast comments about shooting homeless people stuns L.A.’s unhoused advocates ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Podcaster Joe Rogans current off hand comment to podcast visitor comic Tom Segura that “Maybe it’s best to simply go shoot the homeless people” in Los Angeles has left a number of of the citys unhoused advocates surprised and disheartened.

In the July 14 episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, the host’s dialogue with comic Segura moved to the subject of homelessness in Los Angeles. The cigar-smoking duo mentioned some darkish ideas about L.A.’s unhoused inhabitants, seemingly evaluating the response to L.A.’s crime points to the homelessness disaster.

Segura and Rogan’s comments are transcribed under, stories ‘Variety’.

Tom Segura: When you see stuff like that on the streets, a minimum of in Los Angeles or California, that’s protected property. Like by regulation. That’s that particular person’s property by regulation.

Joe Rogan: Oh, a homeless particular person’s property is protected?

Segura: Absolutely. If you had been to attempt to transfer that or take that-

Rogan: You’d get arrested. Hilarious. But they wouldn’t arrest you if you happen to shot any person. Maybe it’s best to simply go shoot the homeless people.

Segura: I like your ideas.

Rogan: And if no one claims it. I imply no one does something about violent crime in LA anymore.

Beyond the criticism that the comments had been met with on social media, Variety shared the dialog with Los Angeles group leaders who work with unhoused populations. Representatives had been shocked by the dialogue.

Theo Henderson, an unhoused advocate who created the podcast ‘We the Unhoused’, mentioned the comments might completely trigger violence directed at people without properties.

“It’s repulsive,” Henderson mentioned.

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“It’s infuriating as a result of it’s not only out of contact, however the actuality is that unhoused people are focused by housed people. To advocate making an attempt to shoot at unhoused people or simply giving these canine whistles to people that don’t see unhoused people as human beings – I can’t imagine you’d advocate for it.”

Henderson added that there are two central points that would really assist the unhoused inhabitants that Rogan might talk about on his present.

“Two good issues which might be principally common (for the unhoused inhabitants) that will be an ideal assist are rest room entry and bathe depots, the place unhoused people would have the ability to care for themselves without being thought-about pariahs,” Henderson mentioned.

Henderson went on to focus on the vary of conditions for homeless populations, recalling relationships he’s established with aged people and households with babies which have lived without homes.

“It’s a really abysmal response to a various scenario that all of us must be actually involved and dealing aggressively to place people in housing proper now,” Henderson mentioned.

Andy Bales, who serves as president and CEO of the downtown L.A. homeless shelter Union Rescue Mission, expressed comparable disappointment in Rogan’s comments.

1 / 4 of the Union Rescue Mission’s workers consists of former friends of the shelter.

“I’m stunned and saddened,” Bales mentioned. “The comments about starting to kill homeless people hits too near actuality for any consolation, as a result of murders of homeless people in Los Angeles went up 47% final 12 months over the earlier 12 months�. There is a little bit of an unlucky vigilantism already in Los Angeles in direction of people devastated by homelessness and so they don’t want any encouragement.”

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Bales went on to increase an invite to Rogan in order that he might higher understand the circumstances that hundreds of Los Angeles residents stay in.

“Usually once I get in a case like this, with any person with a number of affect and accountability, I invite them to come back see what’s occurring on the road and get to know the people that they’re speaking about,” Bales mentioned.

“I might invite Joe to come back to Union Rescue Mission to see, not only our work, however see what’s occurring on the streets and who these people are who he’s speaking about.”

It’s the latest in a series of controversies for Rogan. Earlier this 12 months, medical doctors, nurses and scientists urged Spotify to “implement a misinformation coverage” concerning Covid, citing ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and its “regarding historical past of broadcasting misinformation” concerning vaccinations and various remedies.

The scenario finally led to musicians like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell eradicating their music from the streamer in protest of its partnership with Rogan.

Spotify is the unique streamer of Rogan’s present, which leads as the corporate’s most-listened podcast. Spotify inked a multi-year take care of Rogan in 2020, reportedly price greater than $100 million, for unique rights to distribute ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

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As they challenge each other to produce their best possible work, Guadagnino shared that he loves working with the “Little Women” (2019) star.

Speaking to The Film Stage, Luca Guadagnino said: “It’s a partnership, and I’m very proud of working with him. It’s a very intense and beautiful collaboration that challenges one another to make the most precise thing out of it.”

The pair are also close friends off-set. Asked if they keep in touch, Luca Guadagnino replied, “Yeah, we’re very good friends.”

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Asked what the atmosphere is like on his sets and if he has any ways of making it an enjoyable experience, he responded: “No, no, no. I’m a bit of a control freak. And being one, I need to have everything well-organised and very well done. But that’s something that doesn’t happen. Because everything is a mess. And, so I become quite intense.”

Chalamet recently said that all of the directors he’s worked with have had “very strong visions”. The ‘Dune’ star insisted that he’s never had an instance on a movie set where those in charge have been at loggerheads with their colleagues over their creative vision.

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He told SFX magazine: “I hope I don’t sound pretentious rattling off the list of names, but I think Denis Villeneuve (‘Dune’), Greta Gerwig (‘Little Women’), Luca Guadagnino (‘Call Me By Your Name’ and ‘Bones and All’) and Paul King, who I just worked with (on ‘Wonka’) … they have very strong visions.

It’s not my experience, but you kind of hear the horror stories from other sets where there’s a million opinions in the room.”

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The Kardashian and Jenner sisters make the headlines way more than we can count all thanks to their fashion, relationships, and tons of drama. The latest sibling making the news now is Kim Kardashian. Why? Well, the mother of four recently welcomed the holidays by sharing pics in two sets of bedazzled bras and thongs from SKIMS’ Holiday Shop and netizens aren’t pleased with what they see.

Dressed in barely there two-piece ensembles, the billionaire is seen flaunting her a*s and b**bs while seductively posing in what some have called a ‘sleazy motel’ room. From calling her out for leaving nothing to the imagination but wearing a bikini that’s not the right side to commenting on her parenting skills, photoshop ability, and even ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson getting a new lady love – read on to know all that online users have to say

Sharing the pictures and video of herself slaying in the sparkly white and black bikini sets, Kim Kardashian wrote, “S K I M S holiday shop available now” Scroll below for the comments.

Commenting on the bikinis not fitting Kim Kardashian properly and being a size or so smaller, one user commented, “I think this bra is too small for you gal” Another added, “Are you ok? THIS. DOESN’T. FIT. YOU!!!” A few others wrote, “It’s nice, but it doesn’t fit properly 🤷‍♂️🤦” “When did we start making bathing suits too small” “I doesn’t look like the right size….” and more. One simply replied, “Looks so uncomfortable”

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While many commented on the bikini being small for Kim Kardashian, other eagled-eyed Instagram users noticed a photoshop fail – again. Commenting on her having a double thing, one user wrote, “Looks like this was photoshop! The left inner thigh appears to have an extra thigh behind it. 😂” Another – calling it odd, added, “So what’s up with the double inner thigh muscle? I just made it larger and it looks odd!” A third added, she needs to fire her designers. Look at the inner left thigh 😂”

Not just trolled for the new collection not fitting and the use of photoshop to make the pics more desirable, the reality star was also called out for posting sleazy pics. One user noted, “Might as well become a p*rn star now huh?” while another added, “Pretty much soft Porn Pics 🙄” Others noted, “Free Only fans 😂😂😂😂” “It looks like they are in a sleezy motel 😂😂” and lots more. One even compared Kimberly Britney Spears for posting so “leaving nothing to the imagination” picture writing, “And people talk crap about Britney…” while another added, “Wow what an example to your daughters!”

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A few even dragged Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson into their discussion as he now has a new girlfriend, Emily Ratajkowski. Commenting, one user wrote, “She said, ‘oh you have a new girlfriend?’” 🔥 Another added, “Kim are you jealous Pete upgraded you with Emily his new Girlfriend.”

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s bikini look? Let us know in the comments.

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